Saturday, February 13, 2010

guess i should update...

I'm updating due to a feeling of obligation, but i don't know who i'm obligated to update...haha.

well here's an update:
-i love my class and getting to know each of the students.
-i love 3rd grade.
-i love valentines day parties at elementary schools.

-i am exhausted.
-i am realizing how time consuming student teaching is.
-i got sick last week and am still fighting it off.
-God has provided ways for me to work through being sick.

-i miss my friends from Moody A LOT.

-i really want to get a job teaching at C.H.A. or Timothy Christian or Wheaton Grammar and live with Miriam and Kim. Those are my heart's desires right now. I'm praying that I can surrender to wherever God wants me to go/do/live....i just really really hope that it doesn't involve living with my parents.

1 comment:

  1. Valentine's Day parties!! so fun! They don't celebrate that here. :(

    doesn't it feel strange to have all your friends finishing their classes at moody while you are not? I share that with ya.

    I hope you get fully better soon! Miss you!