Friday, May 21, 2010

life is always happening

Since my last post, my grandparents went to Mayo clinic and immediately the doctors found what was wrong. It's his spleen. So he is getting doses every other day of this medication that is meant to un-confuse his spleen I believe. If this medication doesn't work, he'll have to have surgery on his spleen. With his thin blood, this would be really risky. I'm just continuing to pray for his healing. And for my grandma's peace.

I was so happy they were able to come to my graduation. It was so much fun.

So yes, I am a college grad. This summer I will be babysitting and taking two classes at Harper. Then in the fall I'm anticipating starting the MA in Teaching program at Trinity as well as substitute teaching. OH also, I ran into my middle school jazz band director and turns out she needs a nanny starting in the fall for her twins! I'm soooo pumped. Giddy, in fact. God is my provider!

So besides going to classes, doing homework, and babysitting, here are somethings I'm looking forward to:
-Noah and Jamie's wedding
-Visiting and getting visited by Calli
-Going down to the city to see friends, to hear/see music
-Taking lots of pictures
-Seeing Luke a few times
-Dreaming of a road trip, hopefully getting up the nerve to actually do it
-Seeing Bethany and Sarah
-Making new friends


  1. Road trip you should definitely do!! Where would you go?


  2. your grandpa & family are in my thoughts a prayers <3

    & I agree, God truly does provide!

  3. I didn't even notice these comments until now!!

    Twila: My dream would be to go to Colorado.

    Bri: Thank you so much!