Friday, July 16, 2010


I just want to give a quick update about my grampa: He's doing so much better!

When I last posted, he was feeling very nauseous and throwing up--which, we found out, was because his stomach was "off." When they took out his spleen, they had to take out his stomach as well (and put it back in, of course), which put his stomach in shock and it turned off.

So then they put a tube up his nose, and down his throat, into his stomach to suck up all the stuff sitting in there making him nauseous. That tube would have to stay there until his stomach decided to turn back on.

We were praying for a miracle: a bowel movement. Yes, that's right. Well, after walking 2 laps around the 6th floor, he decided to take a trip to the bathroom. After about 5 minutes, we heard, "Good news in here!" coming from the bathroom.

HE POOPED! My grandma actually jumped up and started doing a jig. We were yelling and dancing. THANK GOD HE POOPED!

So yesterday he got the tube taken out and is feeling so much better now that his stomach works.

Thank you for your prayers! God is good, no matter what.

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