Tuesday, August 2, 2011

dreams are infused with distinct feelings

I was just jolted awake from a terrible nightmare. One of the scariest I can remember experiencing. And I want to try to describe to you this bad dream before going back to sleep (and hopefully to better dreams)...

I was tired and driving at night on a highway in some rural part of the country. Then all of the sudden I realized two things; my headlights weren't working and the cars in both lanes in front of me were coming to an insanely hard stop and I didn't think there was anyway I could stop in time to avoid slamming into these cars. But somehow I did stop in time. But then for some reason, the cars in front of me started driving again, and so did I. FAST. And without my headlights. My heart started racing, as it should have been because I was driving 80 miles/hour WITHOUT HEADLIGHTS.

Then, my car shot right off of the edge of a cliff. Somehow I realized that A) there had been a bridge that used to be there and B) I was going to die in a few seconds when my car and I would fatefully meet the water below. I was free falling to my death. After about 2 seconds of sheer terror, I attempted to reel my emotions back in and come to a kind of peace. I was going to die and that was ok. But I wasn't actually ok with it. Then I died and woke up in the same instant. My heart is still recovering.

There you have it. The best way I know how to deal with these types of dreams is to record it, lift it up to my Lord in prayer, and ask Him to take my dreams captive.

I also have two songs stuck in my head that my brain is mashing up together. But I don't know what songs they are. Driving me crazy.


  1. i totally just blogged about MY dreams. shoot. we're like twins. i checked out www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary and it was veeeery interesting. it said that being in a car is symbolic of how much control you feel you have in your own life... ?

  2. thanks!! totally going to check that out...keep writing about your dreams! i love hearing about other peoples' dreams. and writing about them is always clarifying and beneficial, in my opinion.

  3. xoxo

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