Thursday, August 19, 2010

a prayer

I just started grad school at Trinity last Thursday night. Since then, I have been working nonstop on my hw/projects/papers. And I haven't even started working yet. I start nannying on Monday (2 days a week) and I'll be getting a call here and there to be a sub either in Dist. 21 or the other private schools I'm working for.

So my mom asked the lingering question I've been avoiding asking myself:

"How are you going to do grad school and work at the same time?"

My response: "God help me."

And then I was thinking...YES! GOD HELP ME!

So here is my fast but earnest prayer and I hope you pray it if you happen to read this...

Dear Jesus,
I feel overwhelmed and exhausted and it's only been a week. You are my Creator and my Provider and the Savior of the world! Nothing is impossible for you. Please give me diligence to use my time wisely and strength to complete what needs to be done. Give me restful sleep and energy during the day. And above all, be glorified.
In Your name, Jesus,

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